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Winden users enjoying
Tailwind CSS inside page builder

The #1 utility CSS Framework
for WordPress.

Rapid Prototyping
Build your website in minutes

Tiny Final CSS
Single CSS file for the entire website with less than 10KB

Agnostic Integration
Do not lock yourself. Work with any of your favorite page builders

Build a production-ready website with no performance impact.
The latest Tailwind CSS version (3.x) is always available, no need to update Winden.

Focus on Design

You aren’t wasting energy inventing class names. No more adding silly class names like sidebar-inner-wrapper just to be able to style something, and no more agonizing over the perfect abstract name for something that’s really just a flex container. With utilities, everything is reusable so you rarely need to write new CSS.

Agnostic Integration
Friend of your favorite page builders.

Works across the entire WordPress ecosystem and allows you to use Tailwind CSS inside your favorite page builders like Gutenberg, Elementor, Bricks Builder, Oxygen Builder, Zion Builder, etc.

Performance in mind
Lightning-fast and Lightweight website

A single cached CSS file for the entire website with less than 10KB. Get higher scores on Google PageSpeed Insights and rank higher on Google Search.

Developer Experience.
Productivity boost. Hello Holiday!

Rapidly build modern websites in no time with utility CSS framework. No more writing CSS. No more debugging CSS. No more wasting time on CSS.

Builders Compatibility


Oxygen Builder

Bricks Builder

Zion Builder